Govt. employs 100 preschool teachers in Muchinga province

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Government has employed 100 preschool teachers in Muchinga Province in an effort of enhancing early child learning programme.

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Minister of Education Vocation Training and Early   Child Education John Phiri disclosed this yesterday when he visited Kapilionga Secondary School in isoka District.

Dr.  Phiri said the ministry of education has embarked on transformation program of introducing   the new school curriculum.

He said government has created 1000 jobs for pre-school teachers this year alone country wide a move that clearly   interprets its commitment.

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Dr Phiri explained that 100 teaching staff have been added to teach   early learners in Muchinga province alone.

He pointed out that the pre-school teachers will spend 60 percent of the time with pupils playing and 40 percent on academic work.

He said the move is expected to break through to literacy at a later stage.

Dr. Phiri said children are great scientists who discover a lot of things on their own using vernacular and that was the reason government introduced local languages in schools.

He cited children making wire cars, kits and homemade balls using plastics locally known as   Chimpomwa.

And  one of the newly  employed pre- school teachers  at  Mwenya  Early Learning Centre Linda  Siame,  has  praised  government for  introducing the early learning program.

“As in my case I was trained in 2002 but I could not get the job until when this government came into power,” she said.

Dr. Phiri  together with his deputy  Professor  Nevelyn Wilombe are  in Muchinga  province  explaining how the new curriculum  is going to work in schools.

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