Choma district receives Chitonga books

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—–Choma district has started receiving books in Chitonga to facilitate the quick implementation of the revised education curriculum.

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Choma District Education Board Secretary, Mutinta Mubanga said the district had so far received about 2,500 copies of grade one books which have since been distributed in various schools throughout the district.

Speaking when she addressed scores of pupils, parents and teachers at Kalundu Ka Maria primary School in Choma today, Ms Mubanga said the new curriculum was aimed at improving the literacy levels of the children from grades one to four.

Ms Mubanga urged the head teachers to strategize the allocation of teaching grades among the teachers to ensure that teachers who were fluent in Chitonga take the classes implementing the new curriculum.

“For the new curriculum to serve its intended purpose it is important for the teachers to adapt to this change, head teachers are therefore expected to facilitate this adoption and ensure that the pupils get the maximum benefit”, she said.

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Ms Mubanga said the district had also received soft copies of the new syllabus which had been made available to all teachers in the district in a bid to acquit themselves with the new curriculum.

She said the use of Chitonga as a medium of instruction in schools would facilitate easy interaction between the teachers and pupils which will enhance pupil performance.

Ms Mubanga is hopeful that only a few teachers in the district would face challenges in using the local language citing that the office of the DEBS would conduct prompt visits to schools to monitor the approach of the teachers towards the new curriculum.

The DEBS said her office would soon begin conducting un announced surveys  to various schools in the district to determine the response of the teachers on the new curriculum and to establish viable approaches that could help the teachers improving the use of the Chitonga a language of instruction.  

She said most teachers in rural areas were happy with the new curriculum as most of them taught in local languages to help many children understand what they were learning.

Ms Mubanga said school head teachers had a huge role to play in ensuring that teachers successfully implemented the new curriculum.

“Since the introduction of the new curriculum, my office has not received any direct challenges from head teachers or the implementers themselves who are the teachers, which shows that everyone is adapting”, she said.

She said teachers who could not speak Chitonga had the responsibility to face the challenge and learn the language for the benefit of the children whom they serve.

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