Chipata farmers urge government to expedite fertilizer distribution

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Chipata farmers urge government to expedite fertilizer distribution

Chipata, January 27, ZANIS—– Farmers in Chipata have called on government to distribute top dressing fertiliser to them before the end of this week.

The farmers say if government delayed in the distribution of the commodity, hunger will be anticipated in most parts of the district because most of them had not yet applied the top dressing fertiliser.

One farmer, Anna Nyirongo of Luji village in Chief Chanje’s area, said her maize was now tussling and it would be pointless to apply the fertiliser if government distribute the commodity after this weekend.

Ms Nyirongo stated that the application of top dressing fertiliser is supposed to be done when the maize reaches knee high unlike the current situation where most fields was above the recommended height, adding that it would be wastage to apply fertiliser if the cereal crop had already tussled.

‘’Most of the maize in the fields is tussling and we do not know how long we should wait to receive the top dressing fertiliser,’’ Ms Nyirongo said.

Last week, some farmers protested at the Eastern Provincial Administration for spending nights at fertiliser sheds waiting for top dressing fertiliser.

They complained that they were allegedly being told lies by agricultural officials about when they will receive the commodity and decided to lodge a complaint to Eastern province Permanent Secretary, Dr Chileshe Mulenga.

Government has assured farmers not to panic as it is making frantic efforts to make them receive the commodity on time.

Recently, Vice President, Dr Guy Scott said farmers should not panic because their maize was still safe since the rains in most parts of the country started late.