1,713 jobs created in Western province road works-Sata

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President Michael Sata has disclosed that a total of 1, 713 jobs were created in Western Province as of the end of December 2013.

President Sata noted that the jobs were created in the ongoing construction works of the 680.80 kilometres of roads which are costing a total of K1.8 million.

President Sata said in the latest posting on his facebook page that out of the 1,713 jobs that were created, 1,118 have been created via the Mongu-Kalabo road project which is costing K1.4 billion.

The Head of State said once completed, the Mongu-Kalabo road will be a testimony of his administration’s determination and resolve to develop all parts of the country.

He disclosed that the engineering, designing and construction of the Mongu-Kalabo road have been one of the areas of job creation.

He further stated that works on the Mongu-Kalabo road were at 48 percent towards completion.

Furthermore, Mr. Sata said the periodic maintenance of the 87.2 kilometre Kaoma-Mongu M-009 from Tateyoyo Gate to Katunda-Lukulu road was at 24 percent progress towards completion.

Mr. Sata further disclosed some of the road works in Western Province that have created employment for the citizens.

He cited the periodic maintenance of 175.8 km Kaoma–Mongu road from Katunda-Lukulu road junction where works are going on well at 75 percent progress as one of the projects that have created employment.

He further said the upgrading and re-alignment of the 70 km Senanga to Sesheke road which are at 100 percent progress as another project that created jobs.

The President said the contractor of the Sioma-Maziba bridge across the Zambezi River is still mobilizing the equipment for the construction of the bridge.

Additionally, the President said the Machile embankment works were ongoing while the emergency repairs of Ikwinchi culvert on Limulunga-Usha road was progressing at 90 percent.

He has since urged all Zambians to take time and visit the construction site and get a true picture of what was doing in the region.

“I urge you all to take time and visit the construction site whenever you are in Western province so that you can have first hand appreciation of what your dedicated government is doing to improve rural livelihood,” Mr. Sata said.