President Sata advised to call for an interparty dialogue meeting

Republican President, Michael Chilufya Sata, has been called upon to facilitate for an urgent interparty dialogue meeting to break the chain of hate, anger and bitterness which is not only threatening the future of the country but has already created a war like environment.

In a letter addressed to President Sata obtained by QFM News today, Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) President Edwin Sakala, says ZDDM has in vain continued to knock at the gates of State House ever since President Sata became president calling for an interparty dialogue meeting and urging the opposition parties to unite in national interest.

Mr. Sakala says his party is happy that this effort is bearing fruit though he realizes that this effort is not going anywhere for as long as State House and satisfying the appetite for power remains the driving force of political party leaders.

Mr. Sakala notes that the former colonial masters definitely have unlimited fun when they read the insults politicians throw at each other on online media as it reflects the limited and destructive nature as a people.

He states that most of the people are not aware of what he is advocating for and why effort like that of nationalists like ZDDM are always frustrated hence the need for institutions like what used to be the Presidents Citizenship college to be established so that Zambians must know that democracy can be abused to the disadvantage of the very people who it is supposed to serve.

He adds that Zambia is right now a good example of a failed and abused democracy because of the widespread failure to distinguish the difference between personal, partisan and national interest.

Mr. Sakala wonders why President Sata can’t do what he set out to do while campaigning but he believes that it is in national interest that President Sata can confide in the opposition and together they can redeem the nation and the people who are being subjected to unnecessary suffering and dying in large numbers due to poverty related causes.