Police hunt woman over fake drinks


POLICE are looking for a woman of Chawama Township in Lusaka for illegally producing counterfeit soft drinks branded “Tasty” in the backyard of her house.

The woman, Charlotte Twiti bolted after police visited her home to investigate the illegal production of the drinks that were later confiscated and destroyed.

In the process, police apprehended Ms Twiti’s relative, Bertha Kasongo, 20, who was visiting at the time of the raid.

Police Intellectual Property Unit, officer Lenos Tembo said Ms Twiti had embarked on an unlawful production of not only counterfeit but also substandard assorted juices.

Mr Tembo said police conducted the raid following a tip-off from members of the public on Sunday lastweek.

“The person only identified as Charlotte Twiti, aged between 30 and 35 years of unknown house number in Kuku of Chawama area had embarked on an unlawful production of not only counterfeit, but also substandard “Tasty” assorted juices.

“Yet to be identified are the types of chemicals discovered at the site, dirty empty one liter and two liter containers were also found at the same premises. Plus a total of 810 already prepared and packed bottles of the same product were confiscated along with other utensils used in the production of the drinks,” Mr Tembo said.

The estimated cost of the same products was K18,000.

He said police had intensified investigations to bring the culprit to answer charges and was likely to face the offence of selling goods bearing false trade descriptions.

He appealed to law enforcement agencies and members of the public to report unscrupulous individuals to relevant authorities.