Kalulushi Council Sold 94 Plots out of 400 Advertised


Kalulushi Mayor Howard Simpemba says Kalulushi Council managed sell 94 residential plots out of the 400 plots that were advertised worth K25, 000 each.

Mr.  Simpemba told the full Council meeting that out of the 400 plots which were advertised the council raised only K2million 350 thousand.

He said the money raised was meagre compared to what the council had expected because people still did not have confidence in the exercised in the area.

He further urged the Council to create and instil confidence in the public so that the plots could be sold.

Mr. Simpemba noted the need for the Council to advertise the exercise through the media through a documentary in order to enlighten people on what was happening.

“Show the people what the local authority is doing, show people that their money is being secured and being ploughed back into the community,” Mr. Simpemba urged.

He said that land was available though it was not every site plan that was subject to numbering.