Govt sets an interim board for Vubwi Community Radio

Government has set up an interim board that would spearhead the establishment of a community radio station in Vubwi district in Eastern province.

Deputy Minister of Works and Communication Colonel Panji Kaunda who witnessed the ushering of the board said the composition of board members should be purely nonpartisan.

The Deputy Minister said the radio station were vitally important features of communication in rural areas in information, education and entertainment which the people of Vubwi lack.     

He said the district has never had any radio or Television signal receiver since independence adding that some residents with radio receiver  catch the frequency from neighboring Malawi.

 “Some residents of Vubwi have never heard any radio or TV signal apart from once in a while when they go to Chipata district to access antennas.

He said that there were funds under his Ministry meant to establish a community radio station hence the need for the board members to quickly come up with a proposal for the station.

Col. Kaunda further said there is need to allow members of the community get involved in the running of the station once established.

The PF government , as part of its campaign promises, says it is determined to give masses access to information as possible to ensure good governance.

And speaking earlier Acting District Commissioner Mumba  Nkoloma said that most government worker  especially teachers who are in far flung areas have missed  out on a number of opportunities because they are unable to get information at a right time.

Most of the workers in Vubwi get to hear of such opportunities when the deadline has passed so with the coming of a radio station would change the lives of many people.

He however stated that establishing a radio station would be treated with great urgency it deceives.