Solicitor General Musa Mwenye denies link to constitution reform committee

Solicitor General, Musa Mwenye
Solicitor General, Musa Mwenye
Solicitor General Musa Mwenye has dismissed as media reports suggesting that he has been appointed to lead a constitutional reform committee to look at final draft constitution.

Online media reports have suggested that the said constitutional reform committee was meant to be constituted whether the final draft constitution is handed over to the government or not as its purpose is to allegedly doctor the final draft constitution to remove clauses as such as the 50 1 and the presidential running mate.

But Mr. Mwenye has told Qfm News in a telephone interview that such reports are lies as he has not been appointed to lead any such committee as is being alleged.

Mr. Mwenye adds that at no time has he been approached to be part of the committee in question or any grouping of people constituted to look at the final draft constitution.