Sampa comes out on top

Miles Sampa
Miles Sampa

POPULARITY contest of members of Parliament (MPs) on President Sata’s Facebook page has ensued with Matero MP Miles Sampa taking an early lead followed by Kabwata’s Given Lubinda and Roan legislator Chishimba Kambwili.
The race started with one “Facebooker” Kiddy Makwaya drawing President Sata’s attention to Mr Sampa whom he described as the ‘most hard-working MP’ in the ruling party given the trail on the lawmakers Facebook updates.
“Mr President, Matero MP Miles Sampa is so far the best MP. He is doing a great job for Matero, so my question is, why are other MPs not doing the same?” Makwaya asked.
The commentator suggested that, “It would help if you [social media users] started naming the best MP and also the worst each year. Maybe others can only start working for the people if they are shamed by being named the worst.”
Kangwa Lufungulo echoed Makwaya saying, “True, Miles is so hard- working, some of the MPs are so lagging.”
Willta Williams reminded the commentators that there were others such as Kabwata legislator Given Lubinda, the former Foreign Affairs minister, saying, “Don’t forget Given Lubinda! He is also a hard worker.’
Walliey Mukena, however, added his own favourite to the race in the name of Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili by posting that, “Kambwili disaster stadium’.Lol he is the best of course, the rest just imitate…”
Emmah Kasengele also praised Kambwili whom she described as “the main man”.
Some among the PF legislators, however, did not get “very good” reviews as traffic continues to shoot through the roof on President Sata’s page that has been welcomed by many, local and abroad, after his spokesperson George Chellah flagged it off last weekend.