Unknown people raid Kaputa DC’s Office, steal 2 toilet paper.

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Unknown people have broken into the office of Kaputa District Commissioner (DC) and stolen reams of papers and toilet tissues.

The robbers who are suspected to have entered the DC’s office by breaking the window also attempted to break the safe but failed.

Kaputa District Commissioner, Chrispine Kachusha who confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Kaputa today said thieves
got away with three reams of paper, and two toilet tissues.

Mr. Kachusha said he suspected that the thieves were after the safe as it was
the only thing found to have been tempered with in the office.

He explained that the handle to the door of the safe was damaged as they attempted to unlock the screws.

"From the look of things the thieves were after the safe because just after entering they went straight to break it but they failed as they only managed to damage the handle and removed a few screws," said the DC.

H said that after a thorough check everything was found intact including files.

Mr. Kachusha has however expressed fear at the development saying the lack of security guards at the district administration may result in serious loss of property.

He added that the premises were previously guarded by messengers but the Provincial Permanent Secretary directed the district administration to get police officers.