Ministry of finance in wrong hands-Nawakwi

Edith Nawakwi
Edith Nawakwi
Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has charged that the ministry of Finance is currently in wrong hands.

Commenting on Finance Minister’s Alexander Chikwanda remarks that the country is within sustainable growth and there is no possibility of failing in another debt trap, Ms Nawakwi says she is worried because President Michael Sata will have to bare the blunt of the country’s economic mismanagement.

Ms.Nawakwi states that by the time the Patriotic Front leave office, the country would have accumulated about 8.2 billion dollars in borrowing due to reckless expenditures.

Ms Nawakwi states that it is only fair for President Michael Sata to persuade Mr. Chikwanda to retire and take into consideration that he is not relevant to the economic aspirations of the country.

Ms. Nawakwi has also challenged the ministry of Finance through the central bank to tell the nation how much is in the foreign reserves.