ZNBC radio FM transmitter installation underway in Chilubi

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The installation of ZNBC radio transmitters for Frequency Modulation (FM) signal in Chilubi

district of the northern province is underway.


Chilubi district commissioner Boniface Kamanda confirmed the development to ZANIS in Chilubi today.


 Mr. Kamanda said Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation engineers from Lusaka moved on site over the weekend

and have since commenced work.


Mr. Kamanda who physically visited the site explained that officers have since promised to finish all the works within a week.


He observed that the people of Chilubi district have lagged behind in terms of news and current affairs but that with the coming of the public

broadcaster radio signal the residents will now be well equipped with what is happening across the country.

Mr. Kamanda has since thanked Government for considering people in the area with such an important media channel.