A thirty-Eight-year-old man of Lusaka’s Chipata Township has sued his wife for divorce claiming she had denied him sex for eight years.

He said his wife had been denying him sex because she feared contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Augustine Phiri told the court that his wife had accused him of seeing other women and as a result, she refused to have sex with him for eight years.

This is in a case where Phiri sued Febbie Phiri, 31 also of  Chipata Township for divorce after the two failed to resolve their marital disputes.

Facts before the court were that the two got married in 1997 and have four children, but problems in their marriage started eight years ago when Augustine infected Febbie with an STI.

Augustine told the court that since Febbie never wanted to have sex with him, it was logical that they divorced.

He told the court that he was still young and active, hence needed to have an active woman.

“I am just a young man and eight years of not having sex with my wife is not a joke, I think I have endured enough,” he said.

But in her defence, Febbie said she had been denying her husband sex because he had once infected her with an STI which meant that he was sleeping with other woman apart from her.

She said before she started refusing to have sex with her husband, he sometimes used to refuse, accusing her of having a bad smell which made him uncomforted during the act.

Febbie said she had also been refusing to have sex with her husband because he had denied fathering their last two children.

“I was just doing what was best for the two of us, he never wanted to have sex with me at first so I also started refusing when he wanted to have sex with me,” she said.

And when passing judgment magistrate Gaston Kalala sitting with Petronella Kalyelye granted the two divorce, saying there was no love between them.

Augustine was ordered to compensate his wife with K10, 000 to be paid in monthly installment of K300 per month.

And the two children were given to Febbie while Augustine was ordered to support them by providing K400 a month.