Police step up fight against increased cybercrime


POLICE have raised their game in the quest to counter apparently rising cybercrime and bring the faceless culprits to book.
They are arming themselves with local, regional and international legal provisions to pursue the authors and publishers of criminal, libelous, defamatory, treasonable and seditious statements and arrest them.
Police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda said the police is concerned with the rise in cybercrime that includes from identity theft, hacking, cyber-trespass, pornography and misuse of internet services such as emails.
“So far, other investigations into the identities of perpetrators of such crimes are underway and we shall expose all the people involved in these malicious and borderline treacherous activities hiding behind the anonymity of the internet,” Ms Chanda said in a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday.
She said the Zambia Police Service as a law enforcement agency is working round the clock to ensure all the laws that create offences or crimes are enforced.
She said it is sad that some unscrupulous people have taken advantage of the cyberspace to commit crimes on the internet through defamatory comments posted on websites especially through the electronic media.
Ms Chanda said it is also absurd that some people are posting defamatory remarks online in the name of press freedom.
“As such, the police shall employ local, regional and international legal provisions to pursue the authors and publishers of such criminal, libelous, defamatory, treasonous and seditious statements and bring them to book.
“Some bad elements in our society have gone ahead to even use other people’s email details to commit crimes,” Ms Chanda said.
She advises that members of the public should secure their personal email addresses and passwords.
Ms Chanda has also advised parents and guardians to step up efforts at household level in educating children on the dangers of internet misuse.