Man impregnates stepdaughter, commits suicide


SERENJE is becoming synonymous with strange happenings. If it is not a brother marrying his biological sister, then it is a stepfather impregnating his stepdaughter.
And this time, it is just that.
The latest in the ‘stranger-than-fiction’ cases in Serenje involves an illicit love affair between a 31-year-old man,  Peter Kunda Changwe, and his 18-year-old stepdaughter Memory Chibuye. Chibuye is pregnant but the unborn child will be fatherless because Changwe has committed suicide.
Mr Changwe could not bear the thought of facing his wife Nelly Chibuye, family members and neighbours in Matuku Section of Chikubula area when her stepdaughter-turned-lover informed him that she was pregnant with his child and the curiosity that was aroused by some concerned members of his community.
In an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday in Kabwe, police commissioner Standwell Lungu said Mr Changwe who was a bricklayer of Lasford village in Chief Muchinda’s area opted to take his life rather than face the shame of his misdeed.
“This man committed suicide.  This was after he impregnated his stepdaughter,” Mr Lungu said.
“We do not suspect foul play. We are treating this case as a suicide.”
And police sources in Serenje said when Changwe was questioned by concerned people about his relationship with Ms Chibuye and her pregnancy, it appeared that he failed to handle the pressure.
“He was questioned about their relationship and it seems after this, he was frightened and he decided to kill himself because of the pressure he felt,” the source said.
And a 21-year-old woman of Kabwe has been raped by three men and one of them has been arrested.
Mr  Lungu said the woman was raped on Thursday around 03:00 hours in Mukobeko township and he named the suspect as Levy Zimba, who is now in police custody.
He said the police are still investigating the matter.