‘Abuja’ sex den queens terrorise Matero


ABUJA is now in Zambia, not an imitation of the Nigerian capital, but a sex den ruled by hardcore prostitutes in the eastern side of the ever blazing Matero Township in Lusaka.
Most Nollywood movies portray Abuja as the centre of excellence and affluence but the one in Lusaka is abhorred because it is considered a menace to morality and the genesis of many marriage break-ups.
A Sunday Mail inquiry has established that in ‘Abuja’, willing clients are assured of cheap sex, with the rates ranging from K20 to K50, making it affordable even to youngsters yearning for the forbidden fruit.
After entertaining clients on home turf, by 19:00 hours, Abuja ‘queens’, now clad in skimpy attire, take their game out to hunt for prey in pubs dotted around Matero and they move in packs of two and three.
The queens do not mind what the community feels about their sex trade as for them it is business as usual.
The Sunday Mail has learnt that the sex den was branded Abuja due to the prostitutes’ aggression and pride as compared to the attitude exhibited by actresses who play the sex workers’ role in Nollywood flicks.
Martha Gondwe, a 56-year-old moralist, begged the Lusaka City Council to come to the aid of Matero East residents, who fear ‘Abuja’ is posing a serious health hazard as it is deemed a fertile breeding ground for sexually transmitted infections, especially the much dreaded HIV.
“Clients in vehicles are coming one after another to this house. The problem is that their ring leader, who is old enough to be their mother, is encouraging these girls to continue with their immoral activities. She has now even initiated her own daughters into prostitution,” she said.
Ms Gondwe said when home, the Abuja queens hang out by the roadside, where they shamelessly imbibe various alcoholic beverages as they hunt potential prey.
She said the women ventured into industrial sex to make ends meet after dropping out of school.
Ms Gondwe said the sex workers mostly hunt at Nsimbi Yanga market but their biggest hunting ground is Emmasdale’s notorious Devil Street.
“Sometimes when they are coming back in the wee hours, they make noise and disturb those asleep,” she said.
And Mary Mwansa, who has lived in the vicinity of Abuja for more than 20 years, said the prostitutes are a disgrace to the community.
“The way they are living is a disgrace because they don’t care about their lives and the health of others,” she said.
While most people work during the day, the Abuja stalwarts are fast asleep and wake up in the evening to go about their daily routine.
Ms Mwansa said elders have tried in vain to lecture the girls on good behaviour.
Some residents talked to refused to comment for fear of harassment by the Abuja queens, who are infamous for spitting venom on anyone trying to cross their path.


Picture – Daily Mail

Daily Mail


  1. Its disgusting!even the men who are picking up these ‘Abuja’prostitutes should be arrested together with the prostitute.