Rising against Sata is suicidal – Scott


Vice President, Guy Scott, says any member of the Patriotic Front (PF) who rises against President Sata is bound to fail politically.

Speaking when he addressed PF members at Protea Hotel in Chipata this morning, Dr Scott said President Sata is a tested politician who cannot be manipulated by newcomers on the political scene.

He said the President will not be manipulated by people who want to ride on his popularity to advance their personal ambitions.

“If you think you can fight Michael Sata, you are headed for the political grave yard. There are many people who thought they could fight Michael Sata and they are now in the political grave yard,” he said.

Dr Scott urged PF members in Eastern province to be disciplined and work for the common good of the party.

He told the cadres to desist from engaging in vices such as illegal land allocation and obtaining money from business houses using the party’s name.

The Vice President said the PF in Eastern province must work towards reforming and establishing a strong presence   so that it can perform well in the pending by-elections in the region.

“Eastern Province must get the party reformed. We don’t want to buy seats; we want to pay for seats with a message to the people,” he said.

And speaking at the same occasion, Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee, Jean Kapata, said the indiscipline and disunity in the PF in Eastern province is disadvantaging the ruling party.

Ms Kapata said the PF will not perform well in the upcoming Kasenengwa by-election if the party continues being disunited.

Ms Kapata said the disunity and indiscipline cost the PF the Mkaika and Chipata Central Constituencies.

She said it will be regrettable if the party fails to scoop the Kasenengwa seat in the February 25 by-election.

And Ms Kapata, who is also Community Development, Mother and Child Deputy Minister, said the PF cannot be shaken by the resignation of anyone from the party.

She also said President Michael Sata is not short of people who can fill up vacancies caused by resignations as evidenced by the prompt replacement of former Defence Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, from his Cabinet position.

And PF Province Chairperson, Lameck Mangani, said the party is very strong in the province but only needs to sort out some in-house administrative issues.

Mr Mangani said the Provincial Committee will do everything to ensure that it delivers the Kasenengwa seat to the PF.

He said the PF will also scoop the Vubwi and Malambo seats but reiterated the need for the party members to be united.