Number of new vehicles registered in Chipata increases

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–The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says there has been an increase in the number of new vehicles being registered in Chipata district in Eastern Province.

Senior Road Inspector, Ignitius Mioko, revealed the development during a live radio programme on Breeze FM in Chipata.

Mr Mioko said last month alone, RSTA examined 346 new vehicles for registration in the district.

He, however, stated that even with the increase in a number of new vehicles on roads, there is no serious congestion.

However, Mr Mioko noted that unnecessary congestion on the roads in Chipata district during peak hours is caused by careless driving by mini-bus drivers who stop anyhow because they do not have designated bus stops.

He said RTSA is making efforts to address the situation although Chipata Municipal Council needs to allocate parking areas for mini-bus operators.

Meanwhile, Mr Mioko has advised mini-bus drivers to ensure they obtain passenger road service licence to avoid being penalised.