2)–Manyinga residents protest over death

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Manyinga residents have protested over the death of a 41-year-old woman who died while undergoing an operation in the theatre at Loloma Mission hospital.


The woman allegedly died due to a ZESCO power failure as she was giving birth through a caesarean operation.


Scores of residents complained to ZANIS yesterday that they are not happy with the death of Ireen Jimba who died around 02.00 hours at Loloma Mission Hospital as medical personnel carried out a caesarean operation.


The residents blamed the death of Ms Jimba who died in the theatre as she was undergoing a caesarean delivery on ZESCO power failure and negligence by health personnel at the hospital.


But hospital authorities have denied the allegations that the expectant  mother died due to a ZESCO power failure at the hospital.


Both hospital sister-in-charge Marrian Ronald and Relief Doctor Mcmmon Richard told ZANIS that Ireen Jimba died of severe blood pressure.


Sister Ronald said Ms Jimba of Bilembuluka village had been on BP and Anaemia medication during her pregnancy.


She said when Ms Jimba attended her antenatal clinic last week her BP shot up and was advised to be admitted but the deceased declined.


The Sister informed ZANIS that Ms Jimba had a successful delivery under caesarean operation and gave birth to a baby girl and died due to severe BP contrary to allegations of power interruption or negligence being publicised by members of the community.


And Dr Richards has advised expectant mothers both in rural and urban areas to heed medical advice to avoid unnecessary health complications and deaths.


Meanwhile,  Loloma Mission Hospital has been hit by congestion as more patients from other districts are seeking medication at the hospital.


Hospital sister-in-charge Marian Ronald has asked government to intervene by equipping other district hospitals with necessary equipment and health personnel to decongest Loloma Mission Hospital.

The hospital attends to over 500 patients from Mufumbwe, Kabompo and Zambezi districts, a situation she described as overwhelming.


Efforts to contact Kabompo and Manyinga District Medical Officer proved futile as his phone was not reachable.