ZYAFAC welcomes suspension of mechanical vehicle testing at Mimosa

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–Zambia Youths Association in the Fight Against Corruption (ZYAFAC) Executive Director, Rickson Kanema, has welcomed the Minister of Transport, Works Supply and Communications, Yafwa Mukanga’s move to suspend the use of the machine used at Mimosa by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) for testing the fitness of motor vehicles on the road.

Mr Kanema said the organisation was happy that the minister had moved in quickly after hearing people’s complaints that RTSA should withdraw the use of the testing machine when issuing road fitness licenses.

He told ZANIS that the continued use of the machine by RTSA could have resulted into a breeding ground for corruption as people would have resorted to bribing officers at RTSA in order to obtain fitness certificates for their vehicles because most of the vehicles were failing to pass the fitness test.

Mr Kanema stated that as an organization it had taken interest in the matter after receiving complaints from the public that many vehicles were failing to pass the fitness test including those from RTSA.

He further said that according to their independent research as an organisation    the machine was meant for use in manufacturing of brand new vehicles in countries like America, Europe and China to ascertain whether a vehicle was fit to be released on the market for sale or not.

Mr Kanema said the machine was being wrongly used by RTSA for testing vehicles when it was in fact supposed to be used for testing of brand new vehicles after they were manufactured.