Desperate Livingstone mother seeks help

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—-Kwibisa Kuyamazazi, a Livingstone based mother of two, is soliciting educational support from well-wishers for her child who suffers from sickle cell anaemia.


Ms Kuyamazazi said that her eight-year-old daughter started getting sick in the year 2007 when she was six months old and has been to the hospital 21 times for her child to receive treatment.


In 2008, Ms Kuyamazazi’s daughter was diagnosed with meningitis which led to her daughter’s dumbness and deafness, causing her immense pain and sometimes paralyses her hands and legs.


Ms Kuyamazazi said she cannot afford to pay for her child due to insufficient fund as she and her husband are self-employed and the little money they make could not cater for the household expenses.


She also highlighted that her daughter needs a special teacher who can help her learn more as the school where the child is enrolled does not have a Special Needs Teacher.


She is, therefore, asking all well wishers who can help her child to get a better education and also buy her food that has been recommended by the doctor because she cannot manage with her meagre income.

Ms Kuyamazazi is a resident of Dambwa Site and Service in Livingstone.