Kapenta fishing steer problems in Gwembe, Siavonga and Sinazongwe

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–The Chipepo Kapenta fishing community has express worry at the continued encroachment of kapenta fishermen from Siavonga and Sinazongwe.

The community that was represented by their village headmen at a meeting in Chipepo yesterday told the District Commissioner, Alice Mwiinga, that kapenta fishermen have continued to lose the fishing ground to their neighbouring fishermen who are fond of fishing in Gwembe waters.

At a meeting attended by the Chief Chipepo’s representative, secretary to the chief’s council, three senior village headmen and over 25 village headmen, the District Commissioner heard that kapenta stocks were running low as most outside fishermen, with so many kapenta rigs,
were encroaching on Gwembe’s kapenta fishing grounds.

Headman Chabulabwambe expressed worry that if the trend is not reversed, Gwembe’s kapenta fishermen would continue getting a raw deal and that the local council would continue losing revenue.

Siavonga and Sinazongwe kapenta fishermen fishing from Gwembe waters do not pay kapenta levies to the Gwembe district council.

In response to the concern, Gwembe District Commissioner, Alice Mwiinga, assured the Chipepo community that her office would endeavour to hold discussions with DCs
and Council Secretaries from the named neighbouring districts on how best the matter could be resolved.

Ms Mwiinga said there was need to observe water boundaries among districts sharing Lake Kariba waters.

Other concerns that the traditional leaders raised included the looming hunger in the Chipepo community due to lack of maize and requested the DC to open community FRA sales.

The traditional leadership also wanted to know what government was doing about the incomplete one-stop livestock centre in Chipepo area after the contractor allegedly took off without completing the project.

Meanwhile, Chief Chipepo’s Representative, Samson Siabwengo, commended the PF government for bringing tangible development to Gwembe in the two years it had been in power.

Mr Siabwengo cited the well-done Namanzuma, Kayuni, and Siambabala feeder roads that have improved communication and transport.

He noted that the Chipepo community was experiencing no difficulties in crossing flooded streams as bridges on the feeder roads were repaired.

Mr Siabwengo further informed the traditional leaders that out of the ten clinics that government intends to build in Gwembe district, five of them would be located in Chipepo chiefdom.

Works on the two of the five clinics have already started in Siabbamba and Sompani.

He has urged the Gwembe community to welcome developments and support the PF government in its quest to improve the welfare of Gwembe people.