Masked bandit rapes woman, steals K2,000

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A BANDIT wearing a mask has allegedly raped a 27-year-old woman of Kandundu  Extension in Solwezi after grabbing three cellphones and  K2,100 cash from her.
North-Western Province deputy commissioner of police Michael Nkaka confirmed in an interview in Solwezi yesterday that the incident happened on Sunday between 03:00 hours and 04:00 hours in Kandundu Extension.
Mr Nkaka said the woman reported to police that her assailant was wearing a mask and armed with a pistol.
He said the woman told police that the suspect broke into her house and allegedly stole K2,100 cash, three cellphones worth K910 and later raped her.
“Entry was gained by breaking the mortise lockset of the door and the same door was used as the exit point,” Mr Nkaka said.
He said the masked bandit also attacked a 53-year-old man and stole K3, 000 cash and two cellphones worth K950 at Muza Guest House in Solwezi.
Mr Nkaka said the incident happened on Sunday around 02:50 hours and the victim has been identified as Alfred Zulu.
He said the bandit also stole two cellphones worth K3, 050 from Sebastian Mwanza of Ipusukilo township in Kitwe who was lodged at the same guest house with Mr Zulu.
Mr Nkaka said the suspect later attacked Lwendo Hamweemba, 22, of Kandundu Extension between 04:00 hours and 05:00 hours on the same morning and stole two cellphones worth K950.
“The suspect, who was armed with a pistol, a baton and a knife later attacked Tenson Ntambo, 36, of Ntambo Farms on Congo Road. Mr Ntambo reported to police that the bandit attempted to break the door to his house but failed,” Mr Nkaka said.
Mr Nkaka said no arrests have been made so far but police have opened dockets and are investigating all the cases.
He appealed to members of the public to report suspicious-looking persons to police.