Kaputa unveils development plan

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Kaputa District Council has revealed  that it needs K139, 000 to implement a Medium Term Economic Framework  (MTEF) which it has developed for the district.       Kaputa District Council Planning Officer Field Sikanyika said  the council has developed a three year MTEF plan which is aimed at  spearheading development in the area.    Mr. Silkanyika disclosed that under the MTEF plan, the council intends  to construct a modern market, put up street lighting and township  roads among other projects.    He said the council will this year require K139, 000 to kick start the  plan and will start with street lighting in the main town adding that  this will be complemented by the construction of roads by government  which project will start soon.    He said the council will do a few kilometers of street lighting this  year and is expected to continue with the project next year.    Mr. Sikanyika said this during a monthly meeting for District Heads of  Departments held in the office of the Administrative Officer  yesterday  on January 13th     He also disclosed that the council has finally agreed with  Chief Kaputa for the extension of a township boundary and a burial site.    Mr. Sikanyika said the Chief has given the council land in the  northern direction for township extension and another 1 square  kilometer piece of land in the southern direction for a burial site.    He added that the council will soon start the process of mapping the  grave site.