Zambian Music: Mpande conquers tribal barriers with his music



As of 2014,he has a second album out,he is performing for ministers at traditional ceremonies,his music is played on Lusaka Radio Stations and his music videos are on MUVI TV. But a few years back nobody would pay attention to you if you mentioned the name Mpande,but thanks to “Nchelele” and his recent hit song “Ndikapaale” he has become Choma’s number one breakaway artist.

The Tonga singer achieved success overnight it seems,but his fame has been a long time coming. The hit song “Nchelele” brought Mpande into the limelight and within a week of its release,it had made way to people’s phones,car stereos and was on every radio station from Choma to Livingstone. Asked about the inspiration behind the song he says ” I was inspired by the way men approach girls in the village”

Mpande says he got tired of waiting for some one to give him a job so he turned to singing and its paying off well for him “Man like any other youth I am a victim of unemployment but I do farming though not a big farmer but at least I am able to feed and dress my self from my sweat.”

His debut album,which boasts production from Jerry Fingers and Prince Charming of West Life Studios,has songs like “Chachisa”, “Piki Piki Doli”,”Nichitila Weo” and many more. The hit maker sings most of his songs in Tonga but you will find a song or two that are sung in Bemba and Nyanja. He started singing professionall in 2006 while living in Chingola,but one time he went to visit his cousin in Ndola and while there he was impressed with a West Life Studios where he ended up recording most of his songs,including the two his songs “Nchelele” and “Ndikapaale”.