Youths advised to use social media wisely

Facebook all Over the World
Facebook all Over the World

Youth Vision Zambia has advised young people in the country to begin to use social media for the intended purposes and not to misuse it.

Speaking to Qfm news in an interview, Youth Vision Executive Director Amos Mwale says social media has in the recent past been abused especially by young people and even older people which should not be the case.

Mr. Mwale notes that social media is not meant to tarnish people’s names or corrupt one’s morals citing that young people should be mindful of how they use it adding that youths can not be asked to do away with social media but it is a caution on what they do with it.

He adds that social media is something that has made life easy for every one but every one should be mindful of how they are using it stressing that it is sad that in the past, it has been used for defaming people.

Mr. Mwale States that youths should take advantage of social media by not only using it for socializing and spreading things that would not be of any benefit to them but ensure that they get meaningful information that will be beneficial to their lives.