Raging hippos maul 29 year old Mazambuka fisherman

Hippo Wildlife of Zambia

A twenty Nine year old fisherman of Mazabuka District is battling for his life in the District hospital after he was attacked and mauled by a hippo on the Kafue River.



Davies Kasakula a fisherman of Nyimba Fishing camp situated along the banks of the Kafue flat plains is admitted in the district hospital after he sustained multiple body cuts and a fractured left hand following the attack he suffered from the beast.



ZANIS reports that Southern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed the development in an interview in Mazabuka, today.



Ms. Katanga said that  Kasakula met his fate in the early hours of Saturday morning when him in the company of his friend decided to go fishing in the River.



She stated that while conducting their illegal fish catching business, a hippo damaged the canoe that the duo was paddling while crossing the river attacking Kasakula in the process.




‘’ This Station received a report from Muyumba Raban of Nyimba fishing camp that Davis Kasakula aged 29 of the same area was on Saturday around 03 hours attacked by a hippo . The victim sustained multiple cuts on the body and left hand. This occurred when the victim and Muyumba were paddling the canoe across the river,’’ stated  Ms. Katanga.



And health authorities talked to at the hospital described the condition of Kasakula as serious saying the victim suffered severe internal injuries from the hippo attack and that they were however doing everything possible to save his life.  



Some fishermen from surrounding fishing camps in Mazabuka District have continued conducting their illegal fishing business on the Kafue River despite Government imposing a fish ban on the Kafue River to enable fish to breed.



The fish mongers that travel to buy their fish from the same fishermen are often found selling the commodity at Nakambala main market without any documentation from the department of Fisheries in the District.



  Officials from the fisheries department in the District have however argued that it is difficult for them to enforce the fish ban due to lack of logistics such as transport to enable undertake the exercise and bring to book those that are defying the fish ban.