GBV should be gone in 2014 – Wina


Gender Minister Inonge Wina says 2014 is a new era for women and they should realize that and take the challenge.

Speaking to QFM in an interview, Ms. Wina says 2014 is a year for the beginning of gender equality and should be honored by every Zambians stating that in all programs and programs women should be involved and given equal opportunities to take part and speak out at all levels.

Ms. Wina notes that Women are part and parcel of development of the country and the nation cannot develop without the participation of women.

She adds that already women are contributing a lot at every angle but there contribution in some cases is not recognized which should not be the case citing that they deserve to be appreciated and encouraged.

Ms. Wina notes that this year, the country should see an eradication of gender based violence which has continued to increase in the recent past and has contributed to creating low self esteem in women which has in turn contributed to less participation of women.

She has further called on the women in the country to take advantage of every opportunity they are given and fully contribute to national development.