CEEC sets up industrial clusters in Itezhi-tezhi

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—-Government, through the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC), will fund the set up of three industrial clusters in Itezhi tezhi district.


Itezhi tezhi District Commissioner, Roy Nang’alelwa, disclosed this during the district Development Coordinating Committee meeting (DDCC) held at council chamber.


Mr Nang’alelwa said Itezhi tezhi district was among the prioritised districts because it has lagged in development for a long time.


He noted that the industrial cluster, which will be funded by the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission, will be in areas of milk and meat processing.


“These industrial clusters are aimed at value addition to all products produced in the district,” Mr Nang’alelwa said.


He added that the implementation of this ambitious government programme will empower local people, especially the youth with employment opportunities.


And Mr Nang’alwa assured the participants that the PF government meant well by creating the industrial clusters and was following the principles of good governance.


Mr. Nang’alelwa also said government is improving road infrastructure in Itezhi tezhi and other districts through the US$ 38.72 million (about K212, 960) Zambia Strengthening Climate Resilience project in the Kafue basin that is being financed by the African Development Bank.(AfDB)


“For the first time in the history of this country we will see the Namwala Itezhi tezhi Road and Itezhi Tezhi Dundumwezi – Kalomo road upgraded to bituminous standard,” he said.


He appealed to the people of Itezhi tezhi to continue supporting the government of the day so that development is attained.