Chinsali-Nakonde road works pleases government

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–Government is pleased with the works that have been done on the patching of the Great North Road on Chinsali-Nakonde stretch.

 Muchinga province Minister Gerry Chanda said the works done on the Chinsali-Nakonde road are impressive though there is need for more works to be done on the said road.

Colonel Chanda however, noted that in order to serve the newly rehabilitated road from being damaged there was needy to construct road shoulders.

He said the same contractors Pamoja and GM who were constructed to patch the road will be re-engaged to make the road shoulders.

Colonel Chanda said the patching of the said road is a short term project until government has enough resources to reconstruct the road and give it a new face.

He said Government was prompt to embark on patching the road due to the numerous complaints from motorists and the general public concerning the number of accidents which occurred on the Great North Road especially on Chinsali-Nakonde stretch.

The minister said the complaining faction attributed the accidents to the several pot holes that the road had hence the face lifting of the road to reduce the number of accidents.

Colonel Chanda said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali.

And Colonel Chanda has disclosed that despite the road being patched up to Nakonde, residents at the border town are not happy with the 1km stretch leading to Zambia-Tanzania border post which is still in a deplorable condition.

The minister has therefore, urged residents at the border town to be patient with government and not to worry over the vice as it is a concern of the PF government as well.