Time will judge the PF govt- Mubukwanu

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Time will judge the PF govt- Mubukwanu


Solwezi, January 8, 2014.ZANIS —   Government says  time will be the best judge for  its tireless efforts  in turning around the economic development of the country.



North Western Provincial Minister Nathan Mubukwanu says although there is so much on the development agenda of this country, the PF government was determined  to deliver to the expectations of the citizens.



Mr. Mubukwanu said the Patriotic Front government under the leadership of President Michael Sata is resolved to turn the development of North Western province and the country as a whole.



He said the emphasis of the government is to rollout infrastructure development, which it believes is the pillar to spur economic growth in the country, including North Western province.


The minister said this when  Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant Gen Paul Mihova who called on him at his office ,yesterday.



Mr. Mubukwanu noted that although North Western province has a lot of mining activities, the previous government had its own share of blame for neglecting the area.



Since coming into office the Patriotic Front government has put in place robust initiatives that it believes will turn the economy of the province around and consequently improve the lives of all the people.



The minister told the army commander that there is a lot of hope that the road infrastructure, including the Solwezi-Chingola road, will be expeditiously attended soon as there are two contractors working on the road now.


He said soon the province will also experience a flurry of contractors mobilising to start working on urban and feeder roads which will easy the difficulties in mobility that have been people in the area have been facing.


Mr Mubukwanu said the government is working hard and all it requires is full support and patience from the people particularly in the North Western region.


He said time alone will be the best judge once the PF runs it full course, as people can look back and say there was a government administration that worked tirelessly hard to transform and improve their living standards.