PF National Chairperson identifies root cause for infighting

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Patriotic Front National Chairperson Inonge Wina has observed that certain individuals who are not interested in working with other party members in a peaceful manner are the ones brewing confusion in the party.

Ms. Wina told Qfm in an interview that all political parties have internal differences but do not take them to the public as the case is in the Patriotic Front.

She by taking the difference to the public, the Patriotic Front is giving the public a picture that there is disunity in the ruling party and yet the party is very united.

She adds that President Michael Sata has already directed all party officials to desist from causing disunity in the party and that it is incumbent upon every party member to obey such a directive.

Ms Wina says there is need for discipline to prevail in the ruling party.

Ms. Wina has since stated that the party will this year embark on the process of electing new party structures at all levels as a way of bringing order and rejuvenate the party.

She has further advised party members to settle their differences without going to the public and set an example as a ruling party. QFM