Cops’ lack of interest in cases irks judge

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HE Ndola High Court Judge-in-charge Mwiinde Siavwapa has bemoaned the lack of interest from senior police officers in the criminal proceedings at the Ndola High Court, a situation he said has led to the delay of some cases.

Mr Justice Siavwapa said at the ceremonial opening of the criminal sessions of the Ndola High Court yesterday, that there was lack of interest from the Copperbelt senior police command, particularly the criminal investigations office to attend criminal sessions in the High Court, a situation that has caused some cases to be delayed through adjournments.

“I would like to appeal to the IG (Inspector General of police) to ensure that the senior police officers are in court so as to provide on-the-spot supervision and direction that their juniors cannot do and avoid unnecessary adjournments which prolong the delivery of justice,” he said.

Deputy Home Affairs Minister Elfreda Kansembe said Government was determined to continue improving the justice system in Zambia and would therefore engage the IG on the matter raised by Mr Justice Siavwapa against senior police officers not attending court sessions.

Ms Kansembe said Government was conducting courses to build capacity of police officers and was setting up a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) forensic laboratory so that evidence was not sent abroad for investigations.

Earlier, Prisons Service Copperbelt regional commander Sayinani Banda said there were 3,849 prisoners in all eight Copperbelt prisons.

And Kitwe High Court Judge -in- charge Catherine Makungu said the Judiciary was devoted to resolving disputes for all without fear or favour and in good time.

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