INDECO to create 1 million jobs

Copper Miner
Copper Miner
GOVERNMENT has embarked on a master plan to stimulate industrial development and create about a million jobs in the next five years through the revival of the Industrial Development Corporation (INDECO).

Government’s move is prompted by its resolve to shift dependency on the mining sector to focus attention on industrial development.
Deputy Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Richwell Siamunene said through Government’s strategy on job creation and industrialisation, jobs will be created in manufacturing, tourism, construction and agriculture sectors.
He said legal issues on the revival of INDECO will be taken care of by technocrats.
Mr Siamunene said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that Government is in a hurry to develop the country.
“The target is to create one million jobs in the next five years of establishment of INDECO. With this creation, we will make sure that the objective of creating jobs is realised,” he said.
He said Government will create industries and has identified areas which are critical to job creation.
“Once these areas are fully developed, there will be more jobs. We thought it is necessary that there must be a conglomerate or institution that will spearhead this endeavour,” he said, in reference to the revival of INDECO.
Mr Siamunene said INDECO will also oversee and facilitate the setting up of industries in all sectors.
“Its [INDECO’s] sole responsibility is to make sure that there are more industries, create more jobs and reduce poverty. That is what President Sata has put in place to make sure that all districts, all provinces have industries,” he said.
He said, however, that the difference will be insignificant and in some areas the current INDECO will handle what the defunct INDECO handled in the past.
He said INDECO will also monitor and evaluate companies to establish whether they are achieving their goals.
Mr Siamunene said Zambia cannot continue depending on copper.
He said creation of industries in rural areas will reverse the rural-urban migration.

 Zambia Daily Mail