Former SDA pastor forms new Christian political party


Former Seventh Day Adventist Church Pastor Patrick Ng%u2019andwe has formed a new political party in Lusaka called Christian Democratic Party (CDP).

Pastor Patrick Ng’andwe, who is the interim president, has told QFM News that the formation of the party is on the basis of the freedom of expression and the bill of rights as enshrined in the constitution of Zambia.

Pastor Ng’andwe states that the CDP may be the only party with the ability and capacity to usher in generation of moral and clean politics, with honesty, sincerity, integrity, responsibility and accountability for good governance.

Pastor Ng’andwe adds that the CDP without a shadow of doubt shall set a standard for the people of Zambia against politics of violence, hate, insults and personal attacks because all these and other evils are foreign to Christian teachings.

He furthermore adds that once in office, his party for the first time in the history of Zambia will create a house of religious and traditional leaders to serve as advisory body to the national leaders on main issues of governance and development.

Pastor Ng’andwe says although the party is called Christian because of their strong trust in Christian values and principles of leadership and governance, none Christians who cherish the same are free to join their party.




  1. Its ok tht he may handle the natiion in a gud and Godly mannr lets suprt hm instead of hvin prsidnts tht are frm ant-christ churcheS. Lets rison wel he is ok Havin known Sda though am not bt united….

  2. The so called partor u think GOD is yo cousin, if yo membas stop giving u enough mutulo then u join politics u fools keep on coming the gud example iz there NEVERS he cant even say amen,GOD will panish u IDIOTS

  3. dis is da act of man nt God.if he wz S.D.A so wat,am an adventist maself nd am nt ashamed abt him coz hez nt our pastor.a real adventist cnt join dis deadful game of politics dat i cn arsure u

  4. Zavuta ndalama ka????? Pa zed sivintu! Everybody thinks they can rule jst bcoz they cud pastor a church!!!!! Bushe mukali mupalana na Yesu!!!!

  5. Thats da right decision he made nt to misleed da flocks, if all he was a pastor coz its my first time to hear of him. as far as i knw its nt sin for any sda member to joing politics it only becomes sin wherby u leav GODS WORK EN ATEND TO YOZ ON THE SABATH

  6. we sda’s dnt get equaly yoked wth unbelievers bcoz we cal sin by its rightful name.dats y de poor man judgd nd detarchd himslf frm de congregation,dis meks me proud as an adventist!

  7. Guys he was SDA, what med him 2move out from sda, Ist feamoce or money, guys dot be ashamed he Is a force pastor, ther so men force pastor they put on this name, 2mike money, Look at this guy everyone nose him is now a president of mmd.

    • Fantastic Mpundu don’t be ashamed to be an SDA coz you don’t worship this pastor. Yours is the Almighty God. Moreover it is not the SDA church that has formed a party but an individual member and Iam convinced that it is not a sin for one to form a party. Just ensure that your allegiance is to nothing else but your dear creator.