Zambian Voice u-turns on NGO Act

Zambian Voice
Zambian Voice, one of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) that vowed to defy registration under the NGO ACT, has backtracked on its position.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says his organization has decided to register under the regulations of the NGO ACT, because the current fight by CSOs and NGOs to boycott registration under the NGO ACT is somewhat too late.

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Mr. Tayali has however, maintained that the decision to register under the NGO ACT is not a sign of weakness or pressure from external forces on the part of the Zambian Voice.

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He says his organization wants to bide by the law so that it can join the fight to change the ACT while complying with the law.

And Mr. Tayali has dismissed sentiments that his organisation has betrayed other CSOs and NGOs whom it stood with on the position to defy registration under the NGO ACT.

Mr. Tayali says this why his organization has made its registration under the NGO ACT not a secret.

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