Matero endorses Sata for 2016


MATERO constituency has joined others in endorsing President Michael Sata as the sole Patriotic Front (PF) candidate for the 2016 general elections.

Matero constituency chairperson Morgan Ng’ona said the electorate would rally behind Mr Sata like they did from the time he formed the party until the time he won elections in 2011.

Mr Ng’ona said Matero constituency had mandated President Sata to run the country’s affairs and that it would continue to back him until 2016.

 ”Mr Sata formed the PF alone in 2001 and he single-handedly organised the party into a strong and formidable one, which attracted many of us.

” For 10 years he bravely fought political battles, including imprisonment and at one point the Constitution was even tempered with to sneak in the age limit and degree clause just to disadvantage him, until he eventually won the elections,” he said.

He said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that the constituency was in support of the developmental projects that Government had embarked on during the two years Mr Sata had been in office.

“Whilst our beloved President is spending sleepless night to develop the country, some disloyal leaders in the party have embarked on the path to detract him, we shall not tolerate this,” he said.

He said the members of Matero constituency had declared the area as Mr Sata’s stronghold with immediate effect and a no-go area for those opposed to his candidature.