New Zambian lottery launched


SANTIRAM Investment Zambia Limited has launched  the Zam Millionaires Lottery which will require customers to buy scratch cards at K1 and win up to K20,000 instant cash.
Speaking at the official launch in Lusaka, Finance deputy minister Keith Mukata said the launch by Santiram Group was a welcome development in the country as it would provide punters with an opportunity to win significant sums of money.
Mr Mukata said the move would result in an increase in employment opportunities in the country which was the policy of Government.
“I am reliably informed that about 1,000 direct and indirect jobs would be generated through the Zam Millionaire’s Lottery’s scratch to win lottery operations which is encouraging,” Mr Mukata said.
He implored the board and management of Zam Millionaires  Lottery not to centralise operations in Lusaka but spread out into other districts not only for the purpose of taking benefits but also to ensure that the project captures a lot of people.
Santiram investment board chairperson Midde Sivaram said the lottery will offer customers an opportunity to become instant millionaires and contribute to economic development of the country.
Mr Sivaram said over US$250,000 had been invested in the project and in the first one year of business operation, the company was expected to provide more than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs.
“We have invested more than $250,000 in the project and US$1million towards the procurement of the machine which is a significant investment for the new company,” Mr Sivaram said.