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AFTER an inactive and silent episode, perhaps of reckoning after the only female vocalist Lydia Thandeka Tembo announced her departure from Zambia’s Kwaito group Ma Afrika, life is seemingly back to normal in the group!
This follows a successful search for Lydia’s replacement in the group.
Ma Afrika has finally settled for the Talent Ya Pa Zed best female vocalist Tiwah Phiri as the new Ma Afrika face.
The 22-year old singer said she is happy to be co-opted in a credible group that has made a remarkable impact in the music industry in Zambia.
Tiwah says music is her passion and has promised the Ma Afrika fans the best.
She, however, said she is a different personality from Lydia but will try her best to maintain the image of Ma Africa.
“It is a challenge at the same time an honor to be co-opted into an internationally recognised group like Ma Afrika.
“I have a lot of respect for Lydia, she is highly talented, and I have a lot to learn from people like her who have excelled so well in life with high sense of discipline,” Tiwah said.
Daxton Banda, group producer feels now Ma Afrika is back on track with Tiwah filling the gap.
“Ma Afrika is a trio and there is no way we would do appearances just the two of us. In the first place “Ma” means mother and we just had to have a female personality in the group. Now we are ready to rock!” says Daxton.
He says Tiwah has proved to be a suitable vocalist the group has been looking for.
Ma Afrika is currently working on a new project and feels the fire that made their signature will be felt once the album is realised.


Times of Zambia | By MWANGALA LISELI –