Artist Highlight : Suwilanji

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SHE burst onto the local gospel circuit with her testimonial song titled Mwanjitile Akale, joining the likes of Mweshi Mulusa, Theresa Kabwita, Joyce Mwanza and Eva Lubono, among some of the blessed women of faith in gospel music.
And in her quest to exalt the Lord with a song and dance, the year 2010 saw the coming on the scene of one of the gifted female gospel ministers in Suwilanji, who to many bookmakers, is just another stunning revelation on the gospel music scene.


Among her 2010 release were some unifying gospel tunes such as Mu Jerusalem, the daring Nalichimfya, Icubo, the ever edifying Lesa Wandi, Takuli and Ndebafwaya.
For all her efforts in praise and worship, Suwilanji was last February awarded with the Zambia Music Best Gospel Female Performer award, which she proudly accepted at the pre-awards ceremony held at the Southern Sun Hotel in Lusaka.
Immediately after the release of Mwanjitile Akale, Suwilanji took one of her life-changing trips to the USA where she was invited to minister, following in the footsteps of Fortune Nyondo, who is based there, and the Ngosa brothers comprising Hezrone, Mathew and BJ, who have all been overseas many times.
Three years down the line, with so much faith in the Lord and her gift of music, Suwilanji recently returned to the recording studio for her new album aptly titled Mulilonshi.
Overall, Suwi, as she is fondly known by her fans, has seemingly not departed from the word of God in her ministry, which, by His grace has managed to connect and re-connect all those who thirsty for the Word of God.
Although the album is full of some worship grooves, such as the title track Mwanjibukisha, Takuli Ishina and Mpaleni, Suwi’s message in most of her songs is also aimed at bringing hope and comfort in someone’s life: “as long as you believe and trust in the Lord”, she says.
Although the lyrics may seem to a larger extent to be her own life testimonies, Suwi’s Mpaleni is one of the songs that every believer should hunger for because in our daily lives, we need God’s blessings and grace.
Other songs that make this album an amazing package include Ni Mwe Nkabila, the praise song Yesu Ewantolele, Hallelujah, Ali Mupepi and Kampalame, in addition to some fine collaboration with one Prince and Charles on the songs Holy and Eleza, respectively.
Apart from staging her numerous worthy concerts around the country, Suwi was last week on Friday among other astonishing gospel ministers, among them, Ephraim, Karen and Pompi, during an all night performance at the Winners’ Chapel in Lusaka.
For Karen, Pompi and Ephraim, the trio need very little introduction because they have managed to redefine contemporary gospel music, yet still manage to win more lost souls.
Karen and Ephraim’s 2010 albums titled Who Can Say? And Lesa Talekelesha, respectively, received much acclaim among both the believers and non-believers, culminating in the former receiving two CHAPRO awards during the same year.
While Karen is steadily working on her new DVD which will feature songs from her debut solo album titled Enough and Who Can Say?, Ephraim’s new album Lekeni Iloke, which features CHAPRO award-winning gospel diva, Mweshi Mulusa, is already out and making some Holy Ghost noise.
While Ephraim and company were at Winners’ Chapel winning souls, hip-hop gospel rapper, Mag44, was at the Barclays Sports Complex launching his new album titled Jijue (know yourself in Swahili) as USA-based gospel minister Don Moen found himself worshipping and praising the Lord before a multitude of gospel music lovers at the Woodlands stadium last Wednesday.
By press time, Pastor Moen was headed for the Blessing Centre in Emmasdale area for a worship celebration with his adoring fans. Details of Moen’s shows will be on Gospel Grooves next week.

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And Nancy Mwape’s new album titled Mulwelele is already hitting some resounding success on the local airwaves and charts.
I listened to some of the songs currently blaring on the Radio Christian Voice and I guess what I heard should also be pleasant to someone’s ear, too.
This Jerry Fingers and Elijah Tembo productions, from Flat-Line and Kula studios, respectively, includes songs mostly which bring the Lord closer to our venues of liberty.
Although the song Testimony is an account of her own life-experiences with her Messiah, for His goodness and mercies that everyone deserves, Nancy’s others songs such as Munkoshe, Umoyo Wanga, Ba Yesu ( which features Jojo Mwangaza) Njenda na Yesu and Nikaitana, all testify to the amazing miracles of Jesus Christ when you call upon His name.
In her own lyrics, Nancy acknowledges that Christ is the light of the world and once you call upon Him, you surely can be the solution to the world…the salt of the world, to borrow a Biblical verse.


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