While huge number of us youths in our community of chambishi are remaining unemployed but living in a very Rich and economic place like this, it has become a very worrying and shocking thing to see how everyday Kalulushi is being developed using our resource.The biggest question we want to ask the kalulushi municipal council is “Do they ever think chambishi exist?”. Recently So many new Roads, drainages, schools have been built and renovated but chambishi still remains the same it was in the early 2000s. Its high time we have been calling for equality in development for chambishi and kalulushi but it seems the leaders of our district never want to show some equality so its time we the youths have to do something so that the government must come in and see by themselves.Each time we hear the government releasing money for developments all we see is kalulushi getting developments both on
new Roads and other things while in chambishi they will just come and dump waste Rock to mend the roads, taking so much time even just to fix most broken things in our community schools of which you cant see in kalulushi. So with our youthful and patriotic love we have for our community, we the youths are ready to make a big move of protest that will never stop till we see our community starts getting some development same as kalulushi. Mind you, Chambishi collects (MILLIONS) of rebased kwacha’s as TAXES annually with the mines it has around but just to find the same chambishi with such investment with the population of about 35000 people only has about 2km of tarred Road which was also just done some 5 years ago.
With all due respect for the government, we the youths of Chambishi are ready to challenge the municipality of kalulushi and anyone involved in the development of this district and ready to make this move…….

CHAMBISHI youth activist