SEIAZ- ZNFU Executives in war of words

Zambia National Farmers' Union

Stockfeed Exporters and Importers Association of Zambia (SEIAZ) Chairman Elisha Chipeu has challenged his Zambian National farmers’ Union (ZNFU) counterpart president Jervis Zimba to produce statistics bran and livestock farmers in the country.



Mr. Chipeu refuted Mr. Zimba’s claims saying there is plenty bran cattle in the country to cater for both exports and domestic consumption.



Mr. Chipeu said this in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today.



The ZNFU president Mr. Zimba is quoted in the local media of having attacked the Association instead of addressing serious national issues such as the ZAMBEEF poisonous scam.



Mr. Chipeu advised Mr. Zimba to desist from issuing alarming and unsubstantiated statements to the nation because they mislead both the  government and the nation.



He further advised the ZNFU president to concentrate on developing the agriculture industry to grow more food and turn Zambia into a food basket in the Sub-Sahara region.



He said Mr. Zimba should join government in probing the ZAMBEEF scandal .



“The association is very disappointed with Mr. Zimba because he was supposed to have issued a statement on a serious national issue regarding ZAMBEEF poisonous substance rather than attacking us in the pres.,” Mr. Chipeu said.

He assured the nation that the activities of his Association were noble and contributing to poverty reduction and creating employment opportunities in the country.



He stated that the Association has got the mandate to spur the local livestock industry to greater heights by mopping up excess bran to enable the nation earn foreign exchange