Natasha weeps after third nomination

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of Zambia by mitia on 6/18/13

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By Sam Phiri –

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MALAWIAN loquacious housemate Natasha had her joy of being saved on Sunday short-lived when Big Brother announced on Monday night that she was again facing the eviction door this Sunday, sending her into tears.
The Malawian diva believes her fellow housemates have deliberately decided to team up against her for reasons she claims are not yet known to her.
“Why should people hate me like this… is it because I cook and clean the house…I have tried to be good to everyone but it seems people don’t just like me…
Last night (Sunday), I was standing here and my hands were sweating with tension only to learn that Africa had saved me but barely a day after, I am nominated again…. what wrong do I do?” lamented Natasha to her country mate Fatima.
Fatima told Natasha that she should in fact feel encouraged because that was an indication that she was a big threat to all those that put her on the chopping block.
Around 23:30 hours, Zambia’s Cleo had a long chat with Natasha where the Malawian continued complaining about her being the target of nomination.
She admitted to Cleo that she knows that part of the game entails that one has to be nominated but she felt it was becoming too much for her brain to handle.
What shocked most of her fellow housemates was a statement she made that she would consider a voluntary exit from the game should she always be the target of nominations without knowing what wrong side of her has been sending her to face the chopping board.
Cleo told Natasha that she just had to continue living her life without changing her personality because the decision of who goes out of the house and who remains was entirely in Africa’s hands and not the housemates.
She cautioned Natasha though, on her general statement that everyone hated her.
Cleo said she did not find that right as she said not everyone hated her.
From the Ruby house, Natasha was nominated alongside Ghana’s Elikem, Zimbabwe’s Pokello but the Zimbabwean short-haired beauty can breathe a sigh of relief after the head of house Bassy exercised his prerogative to save her and replace her with Oneal.
In the Diamond house the head of house Annabel was put on the chopping block again but it did not matter much to her as she had the power to save herself which she rightfully did.
Now, what surprised many, especially  Nigerians as monitored from the strap messages was that Annabel did not want to play a revenge game of saving herself and putting the Nigerian housemate who exposed her to the gallows last week when he served as head of house but opted for Botswana’s Motamma.
The other housemates up for eviction this Sunday from the Diamond house are Betty, Bolt and Nando.
This means that the following housemates are up for possible eviction this week in the dramatic Big Brother The Chase: Elikem, Bolt, Natasha, Nando, Oneal, Motamma and Betty.
Now, Zambia has continued to enjoy in what would be described as a safe bay in the Big Brother house as the two envoys continue to be eluded on the nomination list.
Next week, though, things might not be the same as all indicators suggest that Sulu might get his first nomination though it it very much unlikely that Africa can think of getting rid of such drama, same with Natasha.
Cleo, too, is somewhat a clear threat to many housemates who would now want her  off  their way.
It was rather surprising to see the Ruby head of house put Oneal on the chopping block leaving Zambia’s Cleo who he had initially nominated.
Sunday would be interesting as drama, suspense and intrigue would mainly surround the talkative Malawian housemate whose heart is less at ease believing that this is her last week in the journey.
Is Africa thinking of getting rid of Natasha so soon?
The Natasha factor seems interesting so far and such might just save her neck.
Sunday would tell it all.
The Chase is now heating up as evidenced from what is happening in the house.
Remember that you as the viewer are part of this chase.
Get involved through voting.
Each week voting opens immediately  after  Monday night’s nomination show and closes at 06:00 CAT on Sunday morning.
There are three ways to vote to keep your favourite housemate in Big Brother:
The Chase – via web, SMS or mobile site.
You can also win prizes by voting in the process, like DStv HD PVR’s and DStv Walkas.
To vote via web or mobisite, go to the official website
Log in, click ‘Vote’ and then click the appropriate button for the housemate you’d like to keep in the house.
You may vote once per hour on the website or again one per hour on the mobile site.
It is that simple!
To vote via SMS, send the word VOTE, followed by the name of the housemate you would like to keep in the game, to the number 414.
This applies to all networks.
SMS’s are charged at specified network tariffs in the various countries.
VAS rates apply. Free minutes do not apply.
Please note that you can vote 100 times by SMS per telephone number during each voting period.
Big Brother: The Chase fans can catch all the latest news, video, and all-important voting information at
Stay tuned to DStv channels 197 and 198 for all the Big Brother: The Chase action 24/7, or catch the daily shows on AfricaMagic Entertainment at 20:00 CAT, Tuesday-Friday with highlights of the week on Saturday at 20:00 CAT.
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