Namwala District Council sets aside funds for a mothers shelter construction

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Namwala District Council sets aside funds for a mothers shelter construction


Namwala 19th June 2013,ZANIS,  Namwala Council has set aside KR100,000 (K100MILION) for the construction of a mothers shelter at Namwala District Hospital.



Namwala Council Secretary Packson Banda says that the old mothers shelter at the District Hospital poses a danger to lives of  relatives  and  friends who come to help  the patients while admitted .



Mr.Banda said that the Council  resolved to set aside k100million from the constituency development fund (CDF) so that a modern mothers shelter is constructed.


ZANIS reports that the Namwala Council Secretary said this in an interview in Namwala , today.


He  said that currently the  new mothers shelter is at slab level and that laying of bricks for the building  will soon be done so that the mothers shelter is ready for usage and meets the high number capacity of people.



The Namwala District Hospital is currently being expanded by government through the Ministry of health under currently at phase two level hence need for a bigger mothers shelter to meet the expected number of patients  and  relatives who will come to help the patients.


And Namwala Council Secretary has also disclosed that the Chitongo mortuary at Chitongo clinic in Namwala has been completed .



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