State determined to develop islands

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State determined to develop islands

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Nchelenge, June 14, 2013, ZANIS….. Government says it is determined to develop all islands in the country such as Kilwa on Lake Mweru in Nchelenge district.


Meanwhile, the office of the vice president has declared as a disaster the situation at Kilwa, Isokwe and Chisenga primary schools on Kilwa island where there no toilet facilities.


Deputy Minister in the office of the vice president Harry Kalaba has described as unacceptable some parts of the country which have remained undeveloped 49 years after independence.


Mr Kalaba noted that despite Kilwa island having huge potential for tourism development the area  has continued to lag behind in development.


ZANIS reports that Mr. Kalaba has promised the people on Kilwa island that government will ensure that the area is developed fully adding that the tourism potential that the area has will be unlocked.


The deputy minister who was accompanied by Luapula province minister Brigadier General Benson Kapaya and Nchelenge member of parliamentRaymond Mpundu said this yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on chief nshimba of the shila people on Lake Mweru’s Kilwa island.


He said there is an urgent  need to improve infrastructure such as the local clinic and primary school built in 1959.


Meanwhile, the office of the vice president has declared as a disaster the situation at Kilwa , Isokwe and Chisenga primary schools where pupils have no toilet facilities .

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Deputy minister Harry Kalaba has instructed the disaster management and mitigation unit to construct 16 toilets at the three schools.


Mr Kalaba made the declaration after touring Kilwa primary school where he learnt that the school has no toilet facilities for both pupils and teachers.


Mr. Kalaba, who also learnt that Chisenga and Isokwe primary schools have been closed by the Ministry of Health for not being fit for human habitation instructed nchelenge district commissioner Royd Chakaba to immediately prepare a bill of quantities for the construction of toilets at the schools.


He said there is urgent need to ensure that the toilet facilities are constructed at the Schools to avert outbreak of diseases such as Cholera.


Speaking earlier, Kilwa primary school head teacher John Mulenga said the lack of toilet facilities and accommodation  has negatively affected the provision of quality education to the pupils adding that answering the call of nature was a big challenge for everyone at the institution.


He revealed that most of teachers have left their families back at the nchelenge mainland and commute every weekend adding that there is an urgent need for government to construct teacher’s accommodation at the school.


And Nchelenge member of parliament Raymond Mpundu said he is working closely with the office of the Nchelenge district education board secretary to find solutions to some of the challenges being faced by schools on the Islands.


He said lack of accommodation for civil servants on the island is one of the biggest challenges being faced in the area adding that priority will be given to Kilwa when

Construction of houses commences in the district.


Mr. Mpundu is happy that the office of the vice president for declaring the toilet problem at the three schools as a disaster adding that this will accelerate the process of constructing the facilities.




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