Police pursue MP for holding meeting without a permit


Kasama police officers Tuesday pursued Lubansenshi independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka for conducting a  public meeting without a police permit in Luwingu.


Meanwhile, the pronouncement by the Lubansenshi independent member of parliament to run for presidency in 2016 and 2021 has been received with mixed feelings in Luwingu.


And ZANIS  in Luwingu reports that Mr Mucheleka on Tuesday dodged police who wanted to arrest him for conducting an illegal public meeting at Njeke primary school in Luwingu


It is alleged that Mr Mucheleka conducted a public meeting without obtaining a police permit forcing the police command from Kasama to pursue him for alleged breach of the law.


Mr Mucheleka told Luwingu ZANIS in a telephone interview that he was not happy with the behaviour of police officers especially the deputy commissioner Lackson Sakala .


Mr Mucheleka added that he has a right to visit his constituency and explain to the people the developments taking place in the country and in his constituency in particular.


“It is one of my duties to explain to the people the types of developments earmarked for my constituency although I am independent Member of Parliament. I see no reason why police should travel from Kasama to come and arrest me on flimsy grounds,” he lamented.


“I reported the matter to Northern Province police commissioner Madam Mary Chikwanda who also expressed ignorance and referred me to Luwingu district commissioner Mambwe Katontoka who refused to make a comment,” he added.


Mr Mucheleka threatened to sue the attorney general if he does not receive satisfactory explanation from the government on the alleged abuse of authority on what he said was an innocent Member of Parliament performing his core functions.


“I was made to leave Luwingu district prematurely fearing for my life because I did know the intentions why police officers were looking for me. I Left my vehicle and my driver behind because of the planned arrest by police. I used another means of transport to get to Kasama and subsequently on a private plane to Lusaka,” he complained.


And when contacted for a comment Luwingu district commissioner Mambwe Katontoka said she was not a police commissioner to answer  queries relating to police investigations.


Efforts to get a comment from Northern province Police Commissioner Mary Chikwanda failed as she was reported to be out of office by press time.


Meanwhile, some Luwingu residents in support of Mr Mucheleka’s announcement to run for Republican Presidency told ZANIS that his political decision is welcome .


The supporters however  want the independent MP to announce the political party on which he will contest his presidency.


Speaking on be half of the group , James Mutale said there was nothing wrong for any person to make such a pronouncement because it was their constitutional right.


The members said just like President Michael Sata made pronouncements in 2001 that he had intentions to run for the republican presidency and it took him almost ten years in opposition trying to win, similarly people should not condemn Mr Mucheleka for his presidential intentions.


“Same applies to Mr Mucheleka is merely wishing that one day he would want to run for presidency and this cannot be a wishful thinking but should be taken as a reality,” explained Mr Mutale.


But Luwingu district Patriotic Front –PF Lupososhi constituency executive committee chairperson Cosmas Musonda reacted sharply to the pronouncement saying the party in the district is disappointed with the remarks made by the Lubansenshi independent Member of Parliament and his followers.


Mr Musonda said the party is not shaken by the stance taken by Mr Mucheleka because he was merely being misled by people who know very well that Mucheleka is not a presidential material and has no capacity to run this country.