Chess star Gillian appeals for aid

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Zambia by mitia on 6/14/13

ZAMBIA’s star chess player, Gillian Bwalya has appealed to the corporate world to help him raise the remaining US$2000 (about KR10,800) to enable him travel to Norway to take part in the World Chess Cup scheduled for Tromso in August.
And Lusaka Province Chess League Association (LPCA) treasurer, Andrew Kayonde has corrected that it was actually the Swedish Embassy and not the Norwegian Embassy that aided Bwalya with $3,000 (about KR16,200) towards the World Chess Cup participation.
Bwalya, who at the weekend received a cash boost from the Swedish Embassy towards his travel arrangements to contest in the competition, said he now just needed money for upkeep.
He has set a budget of $ 5000 (about KR27,000) to enable him take part in the competition that has just six slots for Africa.
“I am quite grateful to the Swedish Embassy for helping me with the $ 3000. It will basically go towards travel and a few logistics but I am also in need up keep and other basic needs during the competition,” he said.
Bwalya is this weekend expected to take part in the SpiceNet Tanzania Open tournament set for Serena Hotel in Dar-es-Salaam.
He appealed to the corporate world to step in and assist the sport to grow saying as a minor sport, chess was in need of sponsorship.
The Chess World Cup 2013 is a 128-player chess single-elimination tournament, which will be played between August 10 and September 5, 2013.
The decision to aid Bwalya was made last weekend by Swedish Ambassador to Zambia, Lena Nordstrom who said it was a great honour for a Zambian player to take part at a tournament of such magnitude that attracts elite players from around the world.
“To have a Zambian chess player among the 128 best in the World is not just Zambian chess history but general Zambian sport history. The Swedish Embassy is very happy to be able to help Gillian Bwalya to make his Dream come true,” she said.
She was hopeful that Bwalya’s appearance at the world championships would motivate more Zambian school children to start playing chess.
Nordstrom said this would also be greatly beneficial to Zambia adding, research has shown that yo


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