Suspected PF cadres attack Fr Bwalya

Father Bwalya
Father Bwalya
Father Bwalya - Red card
Father Bwalya – Red card

ALLIANCE for a Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya and his younger brother Oswald Banda were yesterday attacked by youths shortly before the controversial cleric featured on a live discussion programme on Flava FM Radio in Kitwe.
The youths also poured opaque beer on Father Bwalya and attempted to abduct Mr Banda but fled the scene when police arrived.
Speaking after the live phone-in programme, Fr Bwalya said he can identify his attackers because he campaigned with them before the 2011 tripartite elections.
“I can identify the people who attacked me and my brother if I see them. These people are PF cadres, we campaigned together in 2011,” Fr Bwalya said.
But PF Copperbelt youth information and publicity secretary Chanda Kabwe dismissed Fr Bwalya’s claims that PF cadres are responsible for the attack.
Fr Bwalya said the attack was nothing compared to what he endured under the MMD when he was campaigning for the PF.
He vowed to continue speaking for poor Zambians.
By press time, Fr Bwalya had reported the incident to Kitwe Central police.
And Mr Banda said the cadres left him with bruises and tore his shirt. He said the assailants allegedly attempted to abduct him but Fr Bwalya rescued him.
“They wanted to drag me outside, they started pulling me and tore my shirt but my brother came to my rescue,” Mr Banda said.
But Mr Kabwe dismissed claims that PF cadres attacked Fr Bwalya and Mr Banda.
Mr Kabwe said President Sata has warned youths that they will be expelled from the ruling party and jailed if they engage in violence.
“Our youths cannot attack Fr Bwalya. Who is he to be attacked? Our President has strongly warned us that if we engage in violence, he will not protect us,” Mr Kabwe said.
He urged Fr Bwalya to discuss issues of national interest in a mature manner instead of tarnishing the image of the PF.
And Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) president Andrew Sakala condemned the attack on Fr Bwalya on Flava FM premises.
Mr Sakala said in a statement issued in Kitwe yesterday that the suspected PF cadres were wrong to attack Fr Bwalya.
“PAZA condemns the attack on Fr Bwalya…. this is a threat to media freedom. Radio stations will now be scared to host politicians for fear of being attacked by unruly cadres,” Mr Sakala said.
He urged the police to quickly arrest those involved in the attack.