Chienge sends ambulance SOS

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—The Ministry of Community Development,

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Mother and Child in Chienge district is in need of ambulance services to evacuate 

patients to Saint Pauls Mission Hospital in Nchelenge district.


Human Resource Officer at the Chienge District Medical Office David Zulu

has called on Chienge District to consider using part of the

Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to procure two ambulances for the



Mr. Zulu complained that the institution is currently using utility

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vehicles to transport patients whenever they are referals to st Pauls

Mission in Nchelenge District.


The Human Resource Officer said this during a meeting held at Ponde

Secondary called by Luapula Province Minister, Benson Kapaya to

explain the removal of subsidies on maize and fuel recently.


Mr. Zulu also said there is an urgent need to tar the

Kashikishi-Lunchinda Road to ease the movement of patients.


And Chienge Consttituency area Member of Parliament, Benson Kapaya has

supported the call to use part of the CDF to procure the ambualance.


General Kapaya said Chienge District is very vast area that requires

the services of two ambualances.





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